About Our Business
We specialize in the supply of non-commodity agriculture products and food
ingredients.  Our goal is to provide unique ingredients and food-industry
supply-chain solutions for our customers' specific needs - in an honest, open, and
efficient manner. We also represent world-class grower and processors of food
ingredients, as well as market products under our own name.

Managing Risk
Agriculture markets can be risky - many unexpected factors can contribute to
huge swings in price and supply.   We aim to keep ourselves and our customers
well-informed.  We start in the field - because that is where all food ingredients
begin!   We will share all of our knowledge on growing conditions, yields, markets,
and Ag-economics with our customers - to allow highly informed purchasing

A Direct Link to the Factory
We have offices or representatives in many of the major agriculture exporting
countries - China, Chile, Brazil, and Thailand.  The key to success as an ingredients
supplier is to understand and control all the steps that occur from the farm all the
way to our customer's door.  

The Logistics Edge
We are freight experts - we have to be!   Our knowledge of global transport and
cold-chain logistics allows us to manage a large part of the cost of your
Brighton International
Products Corp.